Leverage the zine

Leverage is dedicated to documenting and highlighting the experiences and voices of people of color on the Bryn Mawr campus. It is an anthology of submissions we receive over the course of the semester. Our goal is to hold candid and informal, but informative discussions about the issues impacting our lives. We accept art, poetry, prose, and other creative works.

Submissions from people not belonging to the Bryn Mawr campus are welcome.

Rosie Perez, 1992

This morning I woke up to a TIME cover story about the trans movement being at a tipping point and seeing my dear friend and sister Laverne Cox on the cover. Such a major media moment for a trans woman of color to be visible and vocal in this way, helping spark multiple conversations about identity, about the intersection of race, class, gender and so much more. 
The cover story is not available online (you must purchase the magazine or get a digital subscription) but a behind-the-scenes video and Q&A with Laverne is.

STREET 1993年7月28日 50刊号


"Zadie Smith (110 Camera Street Portrait)" on Flickr.
New York, New York May 2014